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You are a subject matter expert, or just a person with an idea, and now you are ready to bring your expertise or idea to the masses through a technology product. But you have never launched a startup, or managed the development of a website or mobile app. Like Tenzing Norgay, the legendary Everest guide, we are here to help you accomplish YOUR vision. We confidently guide you through the product research, business strategy, software development, and launch. Need outside funds? We know what investors are looking for and can help you avoid common pitfalls and see your startup as a potential investor does.

Your Startup Success: Services We Provide

Website/App Development

Tenzing helps our clients with a comprehensive solution to address entrepreneurs' biggest needs; planning, designing, and developing their website or app startup.

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Digital Marketing

By leveraging the latest tools and tactics, we are able to help you successfully market your website or app and see great results.

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Business/Startup Plans

We will help you identify your target markets, your competitors, and develop a startup plan and pitch deck so you can raise funds from investors and walk confidently down the startup path to success.

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About Us

We know what's keeping founders up at night.

While you have an idea, and might consider yourself a subject matter expert — you aren't experienced in research, website or app development, marketing, or getting an investor on board. Rest easy. You can continue doing what you know best, while we provide the essential experience and guidance for success, and we'll teach you all YOU need to know along the way.

You've got a vision for your company, and we want to see it realized. We love the excitement and discovery of the startup atmosphere—the beginning of a great climb. But beyond enthusiasm, we bring systems, strategies, networks, and ongoing guidance to top off your confidence and keep your goals in sight.

We have helped clients across a range of industries successfully launch their startup. We're humble about the pitfalls inherent in this work, but we're as determined as you are to succeed. We promise strict confidentiality, and trustworthy guidance all the way to the summit.

You can find the perfect payment plan, no matter what your needs or budget.

Base Camp

Start your journey with our most affordable plan. No matter your goal, Base Camp is perfect for those who want to build their startup on a tight budget.

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Gain confidence to pursue your dream by being assigned your personal startup strategist. This plan gives you your own startup strategist to help guide you confidently to success.

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Want us to do a lot of the heavy lifting on business strategy, software development, and operations? This plan is perfect for you. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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Kind Words from Tenzing Clients


Our Success Stories

We have helped many startups in diverse industries, including:

Automatically Mapping Your Travels


We built Trackpacker to be the essential app for connecting with other travelers, as well as for chronicling your trip. Our app is the first social network specifically designed for travelers. You can follow the trips of your friends, of strangers, and of favorite world travelers. .

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Blockchain for Nonprofits

Client:NGO Xchange

We created NGO Xchange to be a blockchain platform that solves the major compliance issues of fund tractability, security, and fraud for non-profits, while offering cost savings on the transactions.

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Tools for tree preservation and sustainable planting

Client:Tree Matrix

Tree Matrix is an essential tool for predicting tree preservation and determing appropriate and sustainable landscape planting.

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Mobile Mechanic


Your Mobile Mechanic - Car maintenance and repair at your home or office

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Develop new Silicon Valley customer experience center

Client:PwC: Jabil

Software-as-Service platform that builds enduring customer relationships.

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Anonymous and secure messaging app


Free communication that allows you to send video or audio message anonymously to any cell phone in the US or email address.

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Bringing your startup to the world

This is a hard climb. But with the right tools and guidance, you can do it.

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